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We are a small group of people who enjoy gaming! The server is still under heavy development, i am currently in college as a full time student, as well are some of the staff that play on the server. It will be under heavy construction for some time to come. We are currently working on making an entire Pokemon Region! This will include gym's, town's, route's, somewhat of a story line, and many places to explore! It will incorporate everything YOU the player's love about Pokemon & Minecraft! I am also learning Java and C#, after i have a grasp on these, i will begin developing plugins with the intent on customizing our server to make it one of a kind! If you are looking for a server that will be big (eventually), look no more! We dream to one day be at the top ranking pixelmon server in the world! We just need YOU the player's to make this dream come true! If you want to join a new server, help it grow and develop further, become part of a gaming family through DerpsCraft Gaming, then come join the fun! Hope to see you in game!

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