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Download BOTH of the links provided (I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT IN MAKING THEM) *Just supplying the link for you to access them quickly!


Forge Installer 1.10.2 Latest


once its downloaded, double click it and install client then click Ok.


after that finishes installing, run your minecraft but dont click play yet!


In the bottom left of your minecraft launcher, click the "edit profile" button, then once the popup shows up, click "minecraft version" and scroll all the way down to the forge 1.8.9 and click it.


DONT EXIT THAT SCREEN YET, Next click the JVM Arguments "Check Box" so you can edit the line that follows: "-Xmx1G" <---- this is what will be in the VERY BEGINNING OF THAT LINE! Change the #1 to 2, or 3, or 4 DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH RAM YOUR COMPUTER HAS TO OFFER! (Increases minecraft performance! especially with pixelmon)


NOW CLICK SAVE PROFILE! Then click PLAY and let your minecraft load! It may take a few minutes depending on your computer's specs!


Now dont join the server just yet! After the minecraft loads the the menu for single player or multiplayer, exit out of minecraft.




Download pixelmon 5.0.0 BIG GREEN button provided by the link below!


Once thats downloaded, navigate to YOUR .minecraft folder by doing these steps:


1. Press the start button.


2. Type "run" then press enter, should pull up the run box.


3. Type %appdata% then press enter.


4. Open the .Minecraft folder


5. Open the Mods folder and drop the pixelmon mod file in that folder, then exit out.

6. You HAVE to add more ram to your computer, you can easily find how much ram your PC runs with with videos from youtube, after you know how much you HAVE, open your minecraft launcher and click launch options

7. Click Advanced Settings at the top under launch options

8. Click Add New, click version and find the forge you just installed.

9. Click JVM arguments, it should read something like this in the VERY BEGINNING: -Xmx1G

10. Change that 1G to however much you want, DO NOT USE ALL YOUR COMPUTERS RAM DOING THIS, if you only have 4GB, set it to 3, close everything else, press save.

11. Run your minecraft and login to the server!


Now, run your minecraft again! (NO YOU DONT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE FIRST FEW STEPS WITH FORGE) Just click play, let it load, then join a server running that version of forge and pixelmon!




Our server IP is:



Thanks and i hope this installation guide was usefull!




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