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In Game Name: xXWaterFoxXx Real Age:16 Desired Position [Jr-Mod, Mod, Administrator, Builder]: Builder. Hours Played (Minimum of 30 required for staff): Since July 8th 2016, more than 500 hours. Ban/Kick History (All Server's): nope, didn't get banned nor kicked. How can you help the server and or the players?: I could build structures and help the staff and the players, if they need anything. How many hours can you put in on the server daily?:around 3-4 hours on weekends 10-ish hours... How can you help the server grow (Ammount of players): Go to sites and announce that this SUPER COOL server is on and I'm playing it! How dedicated are you at helping the server/people of the server?: I'm like Mercy from Overwatch. Yes/No/Dont have mobile device* Can you join our discord to keep in contact? (Downloaded on mobile device also for immediate contact?): Yes I do have the app installed on my PC and phone.
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Being a builder is a great opportunity to learn more about the server and building styles :)


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