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In Game Name: Reygil

Desired Position [Jr-Mod, Mod, Administrator, Builder]: Mod hopefully :D. 

Hours Played (Minimum of 30 required for staff): Today

Ban/Kick History (All Server's): N/A

How can you help the server and or the players?: Bla bla bla generic positive statement goes here :). No but seriously I can answer questions about pixelmon as I know a lot about it and just be on to help. 

How many hours can you put in on the server daily?: 2-4.5 hours every day

How can you help the server grow (Ammount of players): Well first lets make a joke, we all know these mod apps usually have some very well written profound statement in them so yeah. Actually I think I can help the server grow for mainly the same reasons I can help It im usually on a lot and can answer questions about minecraft really well. Also Im nice and funny as the people on this great server know.

How dedicated are you at helping the server/people of the server?: Im quite dedicated, I think this server can grow and It has the possibility to. 

Yes/No/Dont have mobile device* Can you join our discord to keep in contact? (Downloaded on mobile device also for immediate contact?): I have a mobile device and have discord on it. Im on the discord already.


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