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You MUST use this layout for the gym leader application! Copy/paste it into a NEW forum in the category. Direct reply's to this post are disabled. You MUST make a new forum. You must understand that under no circumstances are you to /givebadge to anyone who HAS NOT earned it, and in doing so you will no longer be allowed as a gymleader. Upon becoming a gym leader, you will gain a special rank of Gym Leader, in game and have a few commands to allow for use any time. Such commands are: /pc /pheal /givebadge (this only works for your gym). Players who are online enough may qualify to become a double gym leader. In doing so, you take on the responsibility of keeping up with 2 gyms at the same time and can give badges for both, though your team must still be according to the gym type. You may only take on the challenge of two gyms at once, if you can show the server staff members and owner that you are responsible enough for the job. In Game Name:MineLover52 Hours Played (Rough Estimate):10 Hrs Ban History: None Desired Gym Type:Fire Desired SECOND Gym Type:Dark What do you think about the server RIGHT NOW as it is?: Have you read the rules and information in the discord #annoucements tab about the gym plugin and the description above?:
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