DerpsCraft Gaming

Welcome to our gaming community!


We are the head of the server, if you need anything just ask any of us!


He is one of the team administrators, if you see him online, feel free to ask anything!


Head Administrator & Chief of staff
Currently head of administration and chief of staff. Next in command on the server's if the owner is not online! If you need anything don't hesitate to ask!


Server Curator/Owner
I am the owner of the server's and the website developer. I am currently enrolled in college so if you don't see me online, i am busy! But if you find me in game, feel free to ask anything you need!


Currently an administrator on both the factions and pixelmon server! If you need anything feel free to ask me in game and i will try to give you a hand!


Currently a builder for the team at DerpsCraft Gaming, have much knowledge of minecraft and pixelmon, can help you in the time of need.

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